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Platinum Metrics Review

Businesses need to link with their customers and general public, so they are required to hire an effective press release creation and distribution service. The market is filled with this type of service but for clients of Platinum Metrics, it offers the best solution as it has the experience and already gained the trusts of many companies they gave assisted in launching their project, story or idea in the most effective manner.


Platinum Metrics believe that service is essential for success so they provide and guarantee SEO services. Its team works hand in hand to get your business that laser targeted traffic needed to grow and achieve that online branding, sales, and exposure.

Once you hire Platinum; the team will not keep any stone unturned in promoting your project following your specification or the package you selected. It boils down to the equation that more exposure creates more traffic equals more profit.

Platinum uses various tried and tested techniques in (1) SEO methods; (2) effective press release creation & publishing; and (3) viral social media techniques.

Clients trust Platinum Metrics for as soon as a press release is submitted, the team does in-depth keyword research as they analyze the project and its goals. Using the right keywords and links, they prepare a press release that is both appealing and interactive to readers. The right keywords and links of the press release will set it straight to the project page.

Pros mentioned in the service are:

1. Your press release is recorded into Google News that will draw in miles of traffic and lines of visitors coming from booth Google and search engines;

2. Your press release with its keywords will reach about 600 social bookmark sites as pinterest, tumblr, etc. In this site, it will be viewed by both readers and bloggers;

3. Your press release in these blogs will receive high targeted traffic;

4. The most effective part is to have your press release/project get 500 to 3,000 visitors a day. Once, the pages get viral, it will be in front of thousands of targeted Facebook users.

One con for Platinum Metrics is that; although, it guarantees the target exposure require within other online press syndications and social sharing sites; however, it cannot guarantee crowd-fund project starters to reach their goal. But in all other aspects, they guarantee you the exposure to increase your chances on meeting your goals.

Platinum Metrics offer support, advice and tips on getting the best out of your project. Email support is offered during office hours.

Unlike others, SEO services are affordable and best of all; you will be informed at the end of the campaign a full report of all your publicity efforts and traffic garnered. The report is emailed to you within 20 business days!

Platinum Metrics worked with of the most powerful distribution partners in the industry ranging. Among them are: Ask, BBC, CNBC, Fidelity, Forbes, Google, Oh, Reuters, Twitter,, YAHOO, and lots more.

Platinum Metrics Holdings is located in Beverly Hills CA 90212 | 310-476-. Visit its website



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